Our philosophy

We are a group of people interested in the cultures of alimentation and the art of hospitality. Pursuing the idea of collecting this heritage and of transmitting it, we have created L’indice-pensable (the clue-thinkable), a nonprofit association based in Geneva.

Since 2014, we put our heart and soul into gathering tales, myths, traditions and recipes, because we think that these are the basis of our civilisations.
Each of us feels free to undertake his/her project and to form a team in order to keep a trace of this great heritage. Every person can also enrich it with its own inventions that is going to participate in changing the today society into the one of tomorrow.

Our action is as much rich as it leans on persons from all backgrounds, which are reflecting with us on how creating their jobs and defending the human rights from the culture. It’s our way of investing the idea of a development that wants to be sustainable.

The four fundamental pillars

Our philosophy stands on four pillars:

Publishing: collect, preserve, transmit the memory of different culinary cultures in order to create didactic tools.

Education: based on our own learning materials, offer individual and group trainings for pre-apprenticeship, measures for professional re-employment, workshops or children’s games.

Translation: let others express their cultural stories and make it accessible to most people.

Events: stage our productions through exhibitions, conferences, debates and artisanal products, thereby enabling the public to reinterpret it.