The Grapes
Tale by the mystic Persian poet Rûmi (1207-1273), founder of the Whirling Dervish order.

In front of the big mosque four beggars were stretching their hands out when a man coming out of the mosque gave them money.
“Take this coin and buy yourself anything you want!”, he told them.
“I know what we are going to do”, said the first one who was Persian. “With this money, we will buy ‘angour’ that we will share.”
“No”, said the second one, who was Arab. “I want ‘inab’.”
“No way”, said the third one, who was Turkish. “Neither ‘angour’ nor ‘inab’, let us buy ‘uzüm’.”
The fourth one was Greek, and he also disagreed.
“What I want is ‘stafil’.”
Their quarrel never ended.
However, without knowing it each one was asking for the same thing – grapes. A beautiful cluster to share for soothing their hunger and quenching their thirst.