Noah’s Vine
Tale from Israel

After the Flood, when Noah planted the vine, Satan shouted with joy. “This plant here”, he said, “is mine. It will certainly be the best supplier of my kingdom. It is all about finding the right fertiliser to get a lot of fruit.”
He went up to Noah, who was busy with his plantation work.
“What are you doing here?”, he asked Noah.
“As you see”, answered Noah, “I’m planting vines.”
“And why?”
“That’s because the fruit of this shrub will be precious. It will delight the human heart.”
“If so”, said Satan, “let us find a suitable fertiliser together.”
Then Satan successively brought a sheep, a lion, a tiger, a pig and finally a monkey. He sacrificed these animals one by one, so that their blood got into the ground and from it into the juice of the vine, mixing with the grapes. Clever Satan knew very well what he was doing.
Still today, the characters of the animals he chose show themselves in the effects of the vine. If man drinks a little bit of wine, then he is as gentle as a lamb. If man drinks just a slightly higher dose, he becomes brave like a lion. When he exceeds the right amount, he grows fierce like the tiger. Finally if he gives in to a passion for drinking, he looks like a pig that wallows in the mud and becomes as despicable as a smirking monkey.