Folds of an Asparagus
A contemporary fable of our own (unknown author)

Thin and svelte in appearance
On her hips nevertheless
An asparagus thought
That the fat was too plentiful

She envied the silhouette
Of the slender twigs
Who when playing the models
Were wriggling in the wind

So she undertook
A hunger strike
And suddenly began
To skip her meals

For several weeks
Rejecting any nourishment
She only absorbed
Entire litres of water

Her waist melted away
But the more she was losing weight
The more she was seeing herself puffy
In her mirror reflection

So she continued
Her tortured diet
Which was fastidious and strict
And in obsession ended

By means of counting
Every single calorie
She omitted to take care
Of her precious health

Her curving head
Her fraying stem
She soon became
A residue of asparagus only

So when it came
To taste her in a sauce
Not even a single gourmet
Wanted to take a bite of her!

Rather than inspecting
Her rolls of fat
She should have probably learned
How to pamper them!