Maybe you are wondering why a picture of the sea with the rising sun on the horizon is being used to illustrate Stories and Recipes? At the beginning, I was thinking of showing a picture of an old kitchen utensil or old buildings or rather a painting. Then I remembered…during my first years as a reader the books I devoured most avidly, often by the light of a torch under the sheets, were novels featuring great discoverers, adventurers or pirates.

There were The Iliad and the Odyssey, Moby Dick, Treasure Island, Robinson Crusoe, Sinbad the Sailor, Le Capitaine Fracasse, The Old Man and the Sea; the list goes on and on. I feel the same pleasure reading them now. After reading those works, I would fall asleep sailing away on the oceans, ready to discover the world – new tribes, strange customs, unknown landscapes, exotic fruit or magnificent costumes. My interest for cooking was initially brought on by gluttony. In the course of time, the history of food – and more specifically the fruit of the earth – aroused my curiosity. Even as the years go by, I am still at the bow of my ship looking at the skyline attentive to seeing the narrative of a story, sometimes in various ways, that will allow me to dare to be different and suggest new taste experiences.

Catherine Garret