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the association that works on the art of hospitality


Our collections of stories, myths and recipes will have you travelling all across the globe.

As much for children as for adults, our pedagogical or playful tales are like an invitation to imagination and an understanding of our world as well as an invitation to approach others.

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Here too, there’s something for everyone. Come discover a variety of workshops each funnier and more ingenious than the last : making gingerbread or chocolates, playing games about healthy food, creating miniature felt Xmas trees…

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Our tales and workshops are in line with an eco-friendly approach as they’re also meant to have us question our society.
We took great care to list numerous websites sharing a similar approach. How to consume responsibly ? How to find its place in our society ? How to eat alternatively ? How to create a project in a fair way and minimise its effect on the environment at the same time ?

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